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Founded in 1912, Gotham is a New York real estate developer, owner and property manager delivering smart and stylish life experiences that transform the buildings and neighborhoods where tenants and consumers live, work, shop and dine. Its three business divisions, Gotham Development, Gotham Properties, and Gotham Hospitality, offer a diverse and evolving portfolio of luxury rentals, condominiums, retail and mixed-use spaces, a full-service property management business, and the artisanal food halls Gotham West Market and Gotham Market at The Ashland.

  • Inkwell, Hell's Kitchen

  • Gotham West, Hell's Kitchen

  • Gotham West Market, Hell's Kitchen

Gotham, a privately-held business known for thorough attention to detail and a talented, seasoned staff, shows its ingenuity by creating innovative real estate concepts, unique value-maximizing investor opportunities using public-private financing structures, and resident environments and experiences that set the standard for the industry. Gotham’s rich legacy includes the transformation of Hell’s Kitchen through the development of Gotham West, the first 50/30/20 affordable housing development in New York City, including Gotham West Market, the trendsetting food hall that garnered two stars from The New York Times; leadership in dormant markets, such as the development of New Gotham, the first luxury residential building constructed out of the slowdown in the 90’s; and the development of Harlem USA, a major commercial project for a historically underserved neighborhood. Gotham is dedicated to enriching the lives of residents, from first-of-a-kind resident event offerings in the early 2000’s to its latest evolution, the launch of a city-wide cultural pass offering special benefits, access and discounts to institutions, retailers and restaurants exclusively for Gotham residents.

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Founded over 37 years ago, the practice of FXFOWLE Architects encompasses architecture, interior design, planning and urban development. With offices in New York and Washington, DC, the firm is committed to innovative design inspired by urbanism, technology and sustainable strategies.

The basis of FXFOWLE’s work is a collective, rigorous exploration of fit and form, driven by ideas about function, place, the form-making process and the role of design in human settlement. Knowledge and understanding of larger community and environmental issues intensifies projects’ meaningfulness. Members of the firm routinely provide leadership in civic, sociological and sustainability initiatives. This commitment allows the firm to bring a unique perspective to every project, resulting in work that is innovative, relevant and timeless.

SPAN Architecture Interior Design + Exterior Hardscape

SPAN Architecture brings together a diverse array of experiences and interests as practitioners, teachers, artists, and theorists. The studios award-winning work combines thoughtful and inventive conceptual design with technological innovation and creative material application. The studio thrives on the ability to work with client partners, design teams, technicians and artisans to bring these ideas to fruition. Above all else, SPAN shares a deep appreciation and reverence for architecture that guides their pursuit of creating superlative work.

SPAN Architecture’s work encompasses a broad range of project types, from residential to commercial, development to high-end retail, and custom objects including furniture, hardware, lighting and art. SPAN’s multifaceted approach enables the studio to seamlessly blend between and integrate the diverse expertise of these experiences.

Primary&Co. Branding

Primary&Co. is a boutique, brand-based multidisciplinary design studio, providing strategy-driven design solutions to corporate, institutional and cultural clients.